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It was critical but positive. Darwin liked the review and wrote to Gray Your Review seems to me admirable by far the best which I have read. I thank you from my heart both for myself but far more for subject-sake. Like Huxley in England Asa Gray became Darwins main supporter in the United States and just as Huxley sparred with Darwins opponents in England Gray squared off against Louis Agassiz at home both Gray and Agassiz were professors at Harvard University. Not uncritical of Darwins theory Grays main goal was to get it a fair hearing. The Origin was widely reviewed when it first appeared. Contrary to popular belief it received many positive reviews. 34 Early reviews The first review appeared in the Athenum on November 19 1859. It was written by John Leifchild. It was negative but not scathing. Next came T. H. Huxleys review in The Times which was positive. There followed reviews in numerous periodicals and newspapers some positive Hooker in the Gardeners Chronicle some negative Bishop Wilberforce in the Quarterly Review. The first American review was written by Asa Gray and it appeared in the March 1860 issue of the American Journal of Science and Arts.