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Recent evidence has confirmed the bird- dinosaur connection. In China for example a number of dromosaurs small theropods have been found with feathers including Caudipteryx and Sinornithosaurus. Full Circle Today there is near-universal agreement among scientists that birds are descended from dinosaurs. How fitting that dinosaurs would not only trigger a rethinking of the history of life on Earth when first discovered but end up a key example of evolution. Darwin does not mention dinosaurs in the first or second editions of the Origin probably because they were so poorly understood at the time and the fossil record so incomplete. 47 Diagram by Huxley comparing the hip structure of an emu 3 dinosaur 2 and crocodile 1. In the crocodile far right the pubis bone is pointed down and frontwards. In the bird far left it is pointed straight backwards. In the dinosaur center it is an intermediate position pointing down and back. But they made it into the third edition 1861 It is most difficult always to remember that the increase of every living being is constantly being checked by unperceived hostile agencies and that these same unperceived agencies are amply sufficient to cause rarity and finally extinction. So little is this subject understood that I have heard surprise repeatedly expressed at such great monsters as the Mastodon and the more ancient Dinosaurians having become extinct as if mere bodily strength gave victory in the battle of life. The lesson is clear enough size and strength are no guarantee of success in the highly competitive ever-changing game of Life. Its more complicated than that. Its survival of the fittest. 1 2 3